Hey Guys, its been a while.

I spent the Summer dehydrating on the Heath, not even thinking about photography. It was a bit of a relief to be honest, I didn’t once think about the internet, expectations, all that stuff we are programmed to think about these days. It was bloody lovely. I didn’t even wash my hair.

But this week I went to visit a friend and we walked around a cemetery for a few hours, and I shot a roll of film. For the first time in MONTHS. It was nice.

St Pancras Old Church

I’ve just started a new bar job, with a bit less responsibility and actual days off! I’m hoping I have a bit more time and energy to dedicate to photography again, so lets try a thing.

I’ve updated my Patreon, as promised, to reflect a bit of a more casual new direction. Rewards are all print based, and with the aim of just sharing my work with people who like it. I’m not trying to make money and I won’t be pushing myself to do more that I have time to do – some months I might process a couple of batches, some months not at all. Patrons will still be charged per batch processed, and I’m looking forward to sending out some prints.

Its funny that I started making pouches because no one ever bought prints, but I bloody love getting prints made you know. So this is fun for all involved.


Head over, have a scan through the rewards, and sign up if you fancy it.

Thanks for sticking around if you’ve done so.┬áLets have a fun chilly season indoors around the laptop looking at photographs, shall we?


One thought on “Dusting Things Off

  1. sounds like a great idea to me – do it for the right reasons. I’ve barely picked up a camera this year either – a mixture of no time and no drive to do it. Its clashing a little with the idea I have of my identity (as I’ve taken photos for so long now) but I’m working through it. Slowly… haha. I also can’t eat chocolate anymore – so I don’t know who the f*ck I am.

    anyway, sounds like you’re on the right track x

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