Guys, you know I’m all about October and the general acceptance of spooky behaviour/interests that it allows for with the general public. Finally! Its ok for me to wear black 24/7 and talk about dead things in public. I know you get me. Lets hang out for the other 11 months of the year please? Call me.


This obviously means I’m thinking about Halloween and pumpkins and where are those vampire teeth I ordered off of ebay last week that still haven’t arrived. While I was waiting impatiently for the teeth to arrive, I thought I’d distract myself by making a small pile of HALLOWEEN COLOURED CLUTCH BAGS.




You’re welcome.




When I started this enterprise last year (yeesh how did that fly by btw) I got my paws on some deliciously soft, pumpkin orange coloured suedette to practice with. I made a couple of two-toned black/orange purses, and have been using them with unsurprising regularity ever since. At this time of the year, people have started to comment on them (oh ho ho Dianne! So seasonal!) so I thought maybe there are a few other people who would enjoy having this kind of VIBE ALL YEAR ROUND?




Yeah I thought so. There are only a small number of them in the store in 2 sizes (LARGE – 12×8 inch/ MEDIUM – 9×6 inch) so if you too want to strike envy into the hearts of your pumpkin loving pals, you better rattle your bones and snaffle one up quickly.  By the way the large size has a hidden pocket inside which is made out of one of my cemetery photographs so…




…just sayin’


Coin Pouches


Looking for more Halloween inspo? I’ve made a whole HALLOWEEN SECTION of the shop to make your lives easier/more spooky/better. Absolutely wonderful.


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