In the late 1700’s, it was fashionable to give to your far-away beloved a painting of your eye. To gaze upon you in adoration, as a token of love and a reminder that they are there, however distant, always watching over you.

In 2020, we’ve all been at home, alone, missing those we love – or just other humans in general. During this time I became fascinated with the art of the Lover’s Eye, I’ve spent hours finding them online and hoarding them into a folder to sift through. Were they keeping me company, during this time? Am I looking at these eyes in a folder on my phone, gazing into them and feeling that they might be gazing back?┬áDid they become a proxy for real humans?

I started collecting antique frames, and painting my own. They felt like friends. They became the Loner’s Eye series.

Each is painted with clary sage and rosemary infused oil, with black tormaline. They are grounding, protective spells, watching over us. Keeping us company, keeping us safe.

They are available to purchase via the store.