Do you know, I’ve been thinking so much about the rolls of film building up in my fridge to be processed, that I totally forgot about the last batch I had done back in September, most of which I haven’t blogged or looked at properly. Isn’t that ridiculous? I just went to move the batch I just got back from the lab into my editing folder and realised there is a bunch there still to share – so lets work on those first shall we?


Here are a few shots I took on my little Mamiya. The joy of a wee camera is it sits in your bag forever, and you take a few shots here and there, and by the time you see the film its like travelling through time. These photographs are from what I think is exactly a year ago. I had just started part time at what is now my full time job, but I was temping a lot in Euston Tower and snuck into some meeting rooms to take some high up photographs one day.


mamiya london 6


mamiya london 1


mamiya london 2


I don’t miss office life one bit I can tell you.


mamiya london 3


mamiya london 4


mamiya london 5


I do love this little camera. I love that these photographs were taken on the same bog standard film I always use, but look like they were shot in the 1970s or something. I need to get this guy out more often.


A Long Time Ago in London Town


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