Hello, greetings.

I wanted to let you all know that I have not been sitting at my computer posting photographs very much because I have been sitting at my paintings table drawing and painting snakes a lot these past few weeks.

I like to paint snakes because I find it soothing. I’ve drawn snakes in all painting types. I have even gone so far so as to get some 5d diamond painting kits to discern the disparity between the paintings. It puts my brain into a weird trance that is like a kind of meditation – it switches off and its the perfect antidote to my busy, social day/night job managing a pub. Its peaceful, quiet, balancing, and it restores my energy for the week ahead. I tend to get up early and draw snakes most mornings – letting my brain come up with its own shapes to make – and spend one of my days off from work fine tuning and painting them. Switching off. I also work on a special request service where I turn photos into paintings, this is great as memory as a gift.

All of this painting for the past 6 months or so means I have a pile of snake paintings (and the odd whale) just sitting in a file on my kitchen table. Sometimes I give them away as gifts, but even then I can’t keep up with the amount I’m churning out.

I’ve thought about selling them for a long time, but that felt kind of gross. I don’t want to monetise what is essentially something I do for the benefit of my mental health, and then get to where I am with my photography – resenting it because no one cares (that’s a whole other story no one wants to hear) – so I put it off for a long time.

And so my pile of paintings grows.

And I decided to start listing them for sale with the intention of donating 50% of the proceeds to a bunch of charities. I’ll choose a new one every month or so, and see how we get on.

Every painting is £20 (including postage), and I’ll give £10 from every sale to charity. I’m not planning to make any money off of this myself, any extra cash I get will probably just go on paint and pencils anyway.

I’m selling them via the Instagram page I use to keep track of my work, which you can find here. You just have to comment on the one you want to purchase, and I’ll email you a Paypal invoice.

So far I’m popping up 3 new paintings every week, and I’ll ship them every Tuesday or Wednesday.


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