Original art work by Dianne Tanner is generally speaking, more than just a painting. Research, planning and intuition goes in to every piece. Using a mixture of herbal oils, crystal-infused waters and carefully researched and planned correspondances, and the odd piece of sigil-work – each piece is a spell masquerading as an art work.

Inspired by alchemical artworks of old, the natural world, and ancient weapons, vessels and historical pieces – expect a lot of eyes, snakes and swords.

Commissions are welcome, and a selection of the below work is available to purchase via the store.

Spirit Snakes. Original Gouache Paintings, 2016 – Present

Watercolour Whales, Pisces Season 2019

Moon Work, Orignal Gouache Paintings as Moon Meditations. 2019 – Present.

Spells, Tools, Weapons. Original Gouache Paintings, 2019 – Present.