Dudes. Lets be real.

This is a long time coming and something I’ve thought about for a while – I need to clear out the shop for very very reduced prices to make way for – I’m not sure what but I need to shut this down.

I opened this shop almost 5 years ago as a way to share my photography as something other than prints – full credit to my friend Katie of Oh Squirrel for the pouch idea which I had a lot of fun with for a while. But if I’m honest, I haven’t for a couple of years and its just made me resent my photography work and generally started to feel like an energy black hole. You know, the kind where you spend many hours a week work on, cultivating, improving, promoting, and it doesn’t seem to gather much interest so it tumbleweeds off into the distance and you move on to other things in the meantime. I’ve always been a person to flit between projects and this one has lasted longer than most I guess. Remember when I made jewellery?!

I’m so grateful to the small gathering of people who have been interested and continued to shop in my store for themselves and their loved ones. Every time one of you swings by, it fills my heart.

But those have become a once every six months kind of occurrence despite putting in the same amount of effort from my end – which over time I have slowed down due to lack of interest. It’s begun to effect my mental health (I don’t need help feeling worthless) and I’ve got other things I can spend my energy on that aren’t sitting in front of a pile of things I put my heart and soul into two years ago and didn’t sell. Its not you, its me. I tried, I failed, I’m moving on.

What will be next?

I’ll keep shooting film and sharing it across the website and mailing list when I have the time to do so, and I’ll keep running my Patreon, so if you want to keep supporting me please head over there to do so. Anything from the shop that doesn’t sell in the next few weeks will be added to the rewards list as gifts at different levels for all supporters. I encourage you to sign up, not because I want your money but because if you’re into what I do, I update there more than I do most other places.

I’ve been selling painting on Instagram, and might move that here. I also might not, who knows. I’ve thought about doing print bundles, etc – but again, more likely to do that through Patreon as rewards to supporters who are already invested.

Stick around, things will happen I’m just not sure what. Step one: Make space.



One thought on “Shop Talk | Clearing Out

  1. I’m sorry to read about this, although I do understand. As for what it’s worth: I’m still super happy with my pouch – I use it for mints, lipbalm and other loose things and have it in my bag every day. Thanks for making it 🖤

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