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A light, floral tincture to soothe nerves and calm the heart. Packed with Lemon Balm and soft, fresh tips of Lavender to soothe, Hops to sedate and Rose-hips to strengthen the heart, this little tincture will sort you out whenever you feel The Panic setting in. Add a few drops to tea, or for a more direct HIT, drop directly under the tongue. Boom, ya calm.

Available in 10ml dropper bottle.

Full details, directions and safety precautions below.




Ingredients: London Dry Gin (40% abv), Lemon Balm, Lavender Leaf, Hops, Rose Hips, Clary Sage.

Use: Add 5 – 10 drops to your tea, juice or water whenever you feel you may need a bit of calming support. Heading into a meeting with some boomers? Morning commute on a crowded train? Generally just about to read the news in the morning? Load up in advance. Take a few drops, sit and breathe deeply – then proceed with your day. For a more direct hit in times of need, when The Panic is about to hit you like the tidal wave it loves to be, a few drops directly under the tongue, a quiet sit down then a pint of water should do the trick.

When in doubt, always follow with some deep breathing. It can’t hurt.

Lemon Balm should not be used while pregnant or breastfeeding. Because of its anti-thyroid action it should also be avoided by those with thyroid issues.If you are on medication for mental health issues, please do some research to see if Lemon Balm is right for you to use alongside your medication. Note that in this tincture, the dosage will be very low, but it is best to check with your doctor or do some research to make sure it will not interfere with your specific medication.

This tincture might cause some drowsiness, so please use with caution if you are driving or operating heavy machinery.

Always be cautious and do a bit of your own research or talk to an expert before using if you have any underlying health problems, or are on any medication. 

Important Note: Dark Times Apothecary offerings are small tokens to help you feel like you have some control, or power in these times where lets be honest – none of us feel like we do. They are intented to help you feel less lost, less alone – more grounded and focussed in your own life, time, situation. These are not intented to replace actual healthcare (I am not currently a trained professional), they are intented to be coping mechanisms to help you get through the day. Also they smell nice.

Always do your own research if you are not sure about any of the herbs listed above to ensure you are not allergic, or they will not interact with any medication, before taking this tincture. 

About Us: All Dark Times Apothecary products are made in very small batches from herbs grown, foraged or carefully selected by me, Dianne Tanner. My knowledge comes from extensive learning and research, or was handed down to me through my family and upbringing in rural New Zealand (via ancestors in England and Scotland). I follow a loose Pagan-Witch path, learning with the seasons and finding things that help me cope with the ever-increasingly difficult times we live in. These are the offerings I am sharing here with you, in the hope that they give you some tools to cope as well. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Packaging & Shipping: Shipping is available Worldwide. Please note Dark Times is not responsible for any additional charges added at customs. All items will ship within 2 – 3 days of purchase and charge a flat rate for all items. All items are shipped in repurposed packaging to reduce waste where possible. Labels peel off the bottles easily to allow for recycling, or get in touch to send your bottles back for re-use.

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1 review for Calm Juice Flower Essence / Tincture

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rachel Bishop (verified owner)

    I thought I’d give this a try as I ran out of other options for my anxiety. I have been feeling pain in my chest and shortness of breath, a few drops of this in my drink and I almost feel instantly ‘normal’.
    It definitely takes the edge off those anxious feelings and I will certainly be ordering this again.

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