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The perfect emergency balm for skin irritations, bumps and scrapes. Comfrey promotes fast healing – repairing, hydrating and protecting damaged skin. Chickweed soothes and cools irritations – bug bites/stings, rashes, superficial scrapes and burns. This balm combines both infused in sweet almond oil making it the perfect little emergancy pot for those of us who always seem to walk into brambles, attract hungry bugs, fall into nettle patches – if you know, you know. Fast absorbing, with a verdant, herbal scent. Available in 15ml recyclable aluminium pot. Full directions and instructions below.

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Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Comfrey Leaf, Chickweed Leaf, Beeswax.

Comfrey leaf from the garden in New Zealand infused over 8 weeks in sweet almond oil to capture its healing and restorative properties, and Chickweed from the London allotment infused slowly over heat in sweet almond oil to draw out the soothing, cooling properties – blended together with just enough carefully sourced British Beeswax to create a soft, solid balm for easy application.

Use: Carry in your pocket or purse for skin emergencies – scrapes, burns, insect bites or stings. Just apply a small amount to the area that needs looking after, and let this green wonder do its work. Fast absorption means you won’t leave oily hand marks all over the place as well, bonus. Perfect for gardeners, parents and clumsy folk.

For use on superficial skin irritations only. Ensure any wounds are clean before use. Always do a bit of your own research or talk to an expert before using for medical purposes. 

Important Note: Dark Times Apothecary offerings are small tokens to help you feel like you have some control, or power in these times where lets be honest – none of us feel like we do. They are intented to help you feel less lost, less alone – more grounded and focussed in your own life, time, situation. These are not intented to replace actual healthcare (I am not currently a trained professional), they are intented to be coping mechanisms to help you get through the day. Also they smell nice.

About Us: All Dark Times Apothecary products are made in very small batches from herbs grown, foraged or carefully selected by me, Dianne Tanner. My knowledge comes from extensive learning and research, or was handed down to me through my family and upbringing in rural New Zealand (via ancestors in England and Scotland). I follow a loose Pagan-Witch path, learning with the seasons and finding things that help me cope with the ever-increasingly difficult times we live in. These are the offerings I am sharing here with you, in the hope that they give you some tools to cope as well. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Packaging & Shipping: Shipping is available Worldwide. Please note Dark Times is not responsible for any additional charges added at customs. All items will ship within 2 – 3 days of purchase and charge a flat rate for all items. All items are shipped in repurposed packaging to reduce waste where possible. Labels peel off the bottles easily to allow for recycling, or get in touch to send your bottles back for re-use.

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2 reviews for Comfrey and Chickweed Green Balm

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This has been absolutely BRILLIANT on mosquito bites (and given the time of year, they are many). It instantly soothes the itch and they’ve disappeared from my skin in half the time they would otherwise. The balm also feels lovely on the skin and absorbs beautifully. I feel like it’s given me a new lease on trail hikes – I’ve put down the repellant knowing that my ankles will be just fine.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    The green balm is 100% multipurpose. Whilst it instantly calmed and soothed a barbed wire scratch on my leg, it also works wonderfully as a luxurious night time eye oil. After cleansing and moisturising dab a little bit of the oil around the under-eye area and wake up with less dark circles and super soft skin! It also smells devine, so rub a little bit on your temples or wrists at night for ultimate relaxation.

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